Saturday, December 05, 2015

To infinity...

Our little nightly vigil may near it's's 2:11 am here. And my mother is showing signs of "resigning" to the great beyond...Me, my brother and my aging father all sits around her...waiting. Well, it's been a rough and long journey for all of us...Laughter, angers and tears...Comforts, stress...triumphs and frustrations...but one thing is certain...were all standing side by side...Mom thank you for all the things you've done for us...We will always remember you as long as we live.

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

The Voltes Team Dolls Further revision

The teenage heroes of  Voltes V, further revisions with white V mark faux leather, and higher golden yellow boots for Megumi.

Still to come: Daijiro and Hiyoshi Go

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How tall is Chodenji Mashin Voltes V?

There are those who said Mazinger Z is 35 meters tall, the same goes to UFO Grandaizer, Chodenji Mashin Combattler V was 57 meters where as others boasted that Voltron (Beast King Golion) is 60 meters tall. Voltes V was said to be 58 meters but most often, the giant robot was depicted as tall as Daimos in most fan art depictions. But sorces from SWR (Super Robot Wars) has clarified these misconceptions as they show how tall Voltes V really is as well as the other super robots. The shaded guy just before reaching 60 meters is Voltes V.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Beast Fighters - Boazan's Imperial terror mechs!

Dokugaga- Appears in episode 1. Powers include flight, claws, pink cement from the mouth, a 2-tube missile launcher on the chest, pink eye beams, and mouth missiles.

Baizanga- Appears in episode 2. Powers include a double chained mace, flight, yellow eye beams, fire balls from the mouth, launchable hair needles, buffalo horns, chest missiles from each pectoral, a 4-way grapple chain in the chest, and a belt buckle extendable pincer

Bonzarus- Appears in episode 3. Powers include extremely fast flight, a stinger tail that can detach and be used as a sword, propeller missiles from the lower arms, mouth flamethrower, shoulder missile launchers, an orange mouth ray, and detachable wings to form flying double swords.

Gardo- Appears in episode 4. Powers include a Gelama alloy sword, Gelama armor that is extremely resistant to electricity and explosives, and flight.

Gladiator- Appears in episode 4. Gladiator is only used to show off Gardo's might and is equipped with a chained mace and sai.

Neegu- Appears in episode 5. Powers include swimming, levitation, orange energy bolts from the mouth, extendable neck spikes, spiked mines from the neck holes, and can combine with Daiga.

Daiga- Appears in episode 5. Powers include flight, finger rockets, green eye beams, mouth flamethrower, and can combine with Neegu.

Daineegu- Appears in episode 5. Is the combined form of Neegu and Daiga and powers include shoulder machine guns, shields from the leg armor, a Combine Beam from the energy bolts and green eye beams, extendable spikes from hips and shoulders, finger rockets, launchable pincers from the belly, and a roller mode where it forms a giant spiked tires.

Baddo Heir- Appears in episode 6. Powers include flight, back spikes, sword arms, bat bombs from the shoulders and abdomen, bladed shurikens from the pelvis, mouth flamethrower, regeneration, and detachable trapping wings.

Karakaras- Appears in episode 7. Powers include flight, green eye beams, talons, mouth missiles, wing missiles, hurricane winds from the wings, mouth flamethrower that is very strong, razor feathers, and a gas propelled ram.

Gargo- Appears in episode 8. Piloted by Prince Heinel himself and powers include an energy absorbing bite, swimmer, flight, reinforced armor in the sides after being upgraded, and mouth missiles. Highly resembles the Bengal Tiger

Gondum- Appears in episode 9. Powers include flight, wing bombs that contain throwing stars, a pink heat beam from the mouth that is rather weak, slicer missiles from the chest, a chained ax on the head), and razor feathers.

Bombos- Appears in episode 10. Powers include flight at mach 1, pink energy bolts from the mouth, slicing dragonfly wings that can cause hurricane force winds, a propeller spinable tail used for projectile deflection, and X-Ray vision.

Namazungo- Appears in episode 10. Powers include flight, purple energy bolts from the head, swimming, 3-tube missile launcher in the mouth, hooked catfish whiskers, and can change into its super form.

Super Namazungo- Appears in episodes 10 and 11. Powers include flight, explosive mouth flamethrower, spiked tank treads, 3-tube missile launcher in the mouth, green lightning spawned from its whiskers touching each other, and an Anti Super Electromagnetic Ray from the head that can prevent Voltes V from forming.

Gamenza- Appears in episode 11. Powers include shell missiles, swimming, flight, and shell spinning. Highly resembles Gamera.

Kanigan- Appears in episode 12. Powers include swimming, crab claw arms, flight, an Anti Super Electromagnetic Ray like Super Namazungo's, spike missiles from the arms, green adhesive foam from the sides of the head that can break down to electrify, forehead horn missiles, and pink energy bolts from the sides of the head.

Gonguru- Appears in episode 13. Powers include swimming, pectoral missiles, and a hidden drill in the head. Highly resembles a gorilla.

Kuragenyara- Appears in episode 13. Powers include flight, extendable tentacles, and produces electric shocks. Highly resembles Dogora.

Garuman- Appears in episode 14. Powers include flight, talons, three extendable tongues, a roller ball mode, projectile deflecting feet, burrowing, a mace tail, and a mouth flamethrower

Jaguard- Appears in episode 15. Powers include flight, swimming, speed, sharp claws, throwing stars from two slots on each shoulder, red mouth flames, mace bombs from the mouth, extendable fanged sabers, metal chained claws from the shoulders, and can increase body temperature to set itself and the area ablaze.

Suneizaa- Appears in episode 16. Powers include swimming, coiling homing missiles from the mouth that emit electricity, fire balls from the mouth, a spiked tail, and a nasal horn for each of its four heads.

Zaizarus- Appears in episode 17. Powers include flight at mach 17, a 4-tube missile launcher hidden in the back, swimming, and two machine guns on each wing.

Gokiiru- Appears in episode 18. Powers include space flight, chest missile launchers, mouth cluster missiles, and a bolt reflective breast plate.

Tobiurago- Appears in episode 19. Powers include flight, hurricane force winds from the wings, mouth missiles, nose horn, triangular bombs from the chest, and a Sword hidden in the back.

Zoru- Appears in episode 20. Powers include double sided lances that can absorb projectiles and reform if destroyed, regeneration, roe missiles, and can combine with Geru. Highly resembles a Medieval knight.

Geru- Appears in episode 20. Powers include flight, regeneration, launchable horseshoes, hoof drills, and can combine with Zoru.

Zoru Geru Fusion- Appears in episode 20. Powers include flight, slicer spikes from the body, and a rocket speared drill formed from its amoeba-like body structure that emits energy.

Octopus Guard- Appears in episode 21. Powers include swimming, tentacles with spikes in suction cups, horn electric bolts, and can self destruct.

Sazaras- Appears in episode 21. Powers include swimming, pincer claw arms, a spiked hermit crab shell that has hidden missile launchers, and flight.

Zemingo 1- Appears in episode 22. Powers include a left arm extendable drill, a right arm chainsaw, back spike missiles, and can morph into its second form.

Zemingo 2- Appears in episode 22. Powers include light, a left arm sword, nose spike missiles, a horn drill hidden in the forehead that coils upon detaching from body and regenerates new one), and launchable stingers from the abdomen.

Garus- Appears in episode 23. Powers include speed, claws that emit electricity, reinforced fangs, flight, size changing, spiked collar missiles, extendable body spikes that emit heat, and a mouth flamethrower. Highly resembles a wolf.

 Super Beast Fighters:

Every beast fighter after episode 23 has nigh-indestructible Maxingal Alloy; these beast fighters are often referred to as super beast fighters.

Okozenia- Appears in episode 24. Powers include levitation, red eye lasers, launchable shuriken fish fins with extendable spear fingers, a forehead trident, and a back fish fin buzz saw.

Desraa- Appears in episode 25. Powers include a submarine mode that moves up to 300 knots, twin pink horn bolts, bow and arrows, and a sword sheathed on the left hip.

Daimon- Appears in episode 26. Powers include swimming, a right hand shield that can easily block the Voltes Bazooka, a left hand claw, a pincer head claw, pink eye lasers, and flight.

Saimon- Appears in episode 26. Same powers as Daimon although pink eye bolts are not used.

Gagamikiri- Appears in episode 27. Powers include flight, a chest 6-tube missile launcher, and green ionizing bolts from the double head fin.

Giron- A naturally large Boazanian that appears in episode 29. Powers include flight, a double bladed ax that acts like boomerang and a second one is stored in right shoulder, and a chained Net concealed in his mace.

Daruda- Appears in episode 29. Powers include flight, finger lasers, a head laser gatling gun, and cargo storage in the chest.

Kamagurira- Appears in episode 30. Powers include eye tractor beams, flight, mantis arms that are extendable by chains within the arms, mouth missiles, self duplication, and electric nets from the mouth.

Daiand- Appears in episode 31. Powers include a diamond form that can possess others by physical contact, flight, red mouth heat ray, teleportation, and crystal spears launched from the body.

Zanion- Appears in episode 32. Powers include swimming, lobster claw arms, a mouth 4-tube missile launcher, extendable whisker whips that can disperse electricity, and extraordinary jumping.

Dorion- Appears in episode 33. Powers include swimming, flight, launchable homing back spikes capable of burrowing, a drill from the mouth that releases Boazanian germs upon penetration, launchable fists, and regeneration.

Aringa- Appears in episode 34. Powers include flight, purple antennae bolts, green mouth acid, and burrowing

Gorgo- Appears in episode 35. Powers include remote controlled pincer claw arms, flight, hidden arm drills, a launchable tail drill, and green eye beams.

Destroid- Appears in episode 36. Powers include light while encased in a fire ball, laser gatling gun hands, tank treads, a back 4-tube missile launcher, head heat beams at the scalp, and three head lasers on the face.

Shugoshin Godor- Appears in episode 40. Powers include a statue disguise, a sword, and green mouth flames.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sexy Megumi Photos from the net

No doubt, young Megumi is a cute and calm ninja girl, but she's also very attractive and sexy as these pictures on the net suggests..."Go ninja, Go ninja, Go ninja girl!!!"

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chodenji Mashin Combattler V...Voltes V's Predecessor

Back in 1977-78, Chodenji Mashin Voltes V enjoyed the red carpet treatment amongst Filipinos that spanned more than 20 years of sentimentality, perhaps, unparalleled by any other super robot shows in history. But before Voltes V, another Chodenji mashin named Combattler V was reputed to be one of the most significant giant robot series in anime history. Sadly, this chodenji mashine goes unnoticed by most Filipino viewers since it’s release in the Philippines in the mid 1980’s. Much worst, some even saw it as a “rip-off” of Voltes V. In fairness, Combattler V had a string of fans in the U.S. Europe, as well as in Asia. The animated series was the first in line with Saburo Yate/Tadao Nagahama’s Giant Robot Romance Trilogy series followed by Chodenji Mashin Voltes V and Toshou Daimos.

It was the first Electro-magnetic “Gattai” (combiner) Multi-Functioning machine/vehicle components piloted by young, Earth defense agents.
Combattler V also appeared as a die-cast robot toy in the Popinka toy line and later on, reissued as “Godaikin” and Mattel’s “Shogun Warrior” series (as Combatra and “Combattra Super Robot System”) Combattler V also appeared as an all plastic toy in the “Real Action Hero” series, some bootleg items and finally, as part of the “Soul of Chogokin” series from Bandai.

The Story:

The series starts with the attack of the Campbellians or “Kyanbels” (Campbells reminds me of the all American soup products) against the people of Earth. For more than a thousand years, these malevolent invaders had lived beneath the Earth, eager to one day resurface and conquer the human race. The Kyanbels were ruled by a domineering alien queen named Oreanna, her second in command, and the main commander of the Kyanbel Invassion Force is her son, the temperamental Prince Garruda. Aiding her abominable scheme is the high Kyanbel priestess Gen. Janealor. Using the gigantic beast machines under the command of field general Warchimedes and Dungele, they were aided by fearsome combat advisers namely Mica, Garua and Narva. The Kyanbel forces spell certain doom for the people of Planet Earth.

But their evil plans were discovered by Professor Nanbarra – a notable Earth defense Scientist that looses no time in creating humanity’s only hope for survival; the Super-Electro magnetic robot Combattler V!

The Combattler Machines:

Just like that of Voltes V, Combattler V (Vee) is a combination-type super robot formed by five powerful machines they are as follows:

Battle Jet – Forms the head of Combattler V; fastest of all Battler machines-boasting a maximum speed of Mach 20

Battle Clasher (Battle Crasher) – Forms the shopulders, arms and chest of Combattler V. Attack/Fighter Bomber-Type machine, equipt with a variety of projectiles.

Battle tank – Forms the upper and lower torso of Combattler V. This tank-like machine had powerful armors, sensitive radar units and pinchers. Unfortunately, unlike Voltes V’s Volt Panzer Three, this machine could not fly.

Battle Marine – Forms the legs of Combattler V; an areal/submarine machine equipt with repair and maintenance units. Also serves as a carrier unit that holds the Battle Tank in flight.

Battle Craft (Battle Kulaft) – Forms the feet of Combattler V;Subterrenean machine armed with drills, energy guns and powerful sensors. Amazingly, this machine houses Combattler V’s brain center or Main frame.

The Combattler V Super Robot Defense System:

Just like in Chodenji Mashin Voltes V, the voice command registrating code: “Let’s Combine!” activates the powerful metallic transducers, triggering a locking-in polarity activation that forms Chodenji Mashin Combattler V. Standing 57 meters tall, the robot’s color scheme of red, white (silver) and blue may have been adapted from American super hero lore since most super robot animes of the past had a basic, super hero storyline. Just like Voltes V, Combattler V cast a silhouette of an over-sized armored samurai warrior than the all too familiar clunky robot image of vintage U.S. sci-fi shows.

Weapons of Combattler V:

Battle Return

Rock Fighter

Magnet Claw


Battle Galega

Spring Crusher / Drill

Choudenji Crane

Atomic Burner

Twin Lancer

Battle Chainsaw

Choudenji Yoyo

Big Blast

Big Blast Divider

Choudenji Tatsumaki

Choudenji Spark


Choudenji Spin
Combattler V’s Battle Team:

Professor Nambarra erected “The Nambarra Connection” : A cabinet like Earth Defense station that serves as headquarters and launch/repair center for the Battle Machines. With this, he assembled a stalwart group of young, Earth Defense Pilots trained to operate the battle Machines and Combattler V.

Aoi Hyoma – Team Leader of the Battle Team.
Battle Jet pilot and moto-cross rider who ended up with a cybernetic arms and legs after his encounter with Prince Garruda.

Juzo Nanwa – 2nd in command, Pilot of the Battle Clasher; Sniper, Marksman, all around fire arms expert with a smooth and cool disposition.

Nishikawa Daisaku – Pilot of the Battle Tank; A young Jodo-Master, a “generic” Gentle Giant.

Chizuru Nambarra – Pilot of the Battle Marine; Grand daughter of Professor Nambarra; Lovely and child-like, she was the darling of the Battle Team and the object of affection. Later, she was discovered of having a heat ailment.

Kita Kosuke – Pilot of the Battle Kulaft (Battle Craft) ; Wearing large, Boston glasses and a loose uniformhe’s the Battle Team’s youngest member and the usual “Boy Genius” who loves to tinker, invent zany gadgets and fooling around.

After Professor Nambarra’s demise, the unkempt Professor Yotsuya took over as head of the Nambarra Connection and the Battle Team; a drunkard and shabby fellow, Professor Yotsuya’s uncouth and faulty dispositions serves as humorous excuse for some of the show’s funniest moments between him and the Battle Team or with the resident comical robot helper/mascot Ropet –a computerized machine that gauges the Battle Team’s mental energies. Ropet is also known to make good coffee.

Personal Comments:

There are people, specially Combattler V fans who keep insisting Voltes V as an imitation of Combattler V.
Although I admit that Combattler V (pronounced as "Vee") was the first combining Super robot to be created by Saburo Yate , I strongly stress again and again that Voltes V is the improvement of Combattler V!
I'm sick and tired talking to these "IDIOTS" and I hope this is the last of my explanations:Voltes V and Combattler V had only one creator and that’s Saburo Yate and it looks like that Voltes V is an improvement of Combattler V, in robot design, character personalities and story.
Most characters in Combattler V are immature and irresponsible, specially their Professor/ coordinator who is a sloppy drunkard.
There was also an episode where the Combattler V leader prefers to watch cartoons instead than battle the invaders. All of this in a story line set in a future world supposedly being invaded by hostile alien aggressors using giant machines to conquer.
With this kind of personality the Combattler V team shows, no wonder Saburo Yate created Voltes V!
Voltes V Team on the other hand, showed utmost dedication to their profession; they are highly skilled and alert, it looks like Yate San could throw Combattler V into the trash can any time and replaced it with Voltes V instead!
It’s just like one episode of “Knight Rider” where David Hasslehoff’s character encountered another computerized talking car made by the same company who developed his side kick talking car “K.I.T.T.” When asked if Kitt felt insecure that “K.a.r.r.” (The villain computerized talking car) was the first to be created, K.i.t.t replied nonchalantly: “I am the Improvement of “K.a.r.r.”

Final battle comparisons of Voltes V and Combattler V:
Even in their show’s “Final Battle scenes” Voltes V proves advantage against Combattler V
In Combattler V’s ending, the Combattler V super robot over-heats and bogs down after fighting off the last enemy robot. Unable to eject out of their giant super defender, the Combattler team awaits their fate from an oncoming alien armada from the report they received from their “Nambara Connection” base.
Lucky for them, it turns out that the said “armada” is only a large “clean up” committee sends by the planet from where the Kyanbel criminals came from.
The planet’s government even apologies to the Earth People for the uncalled conduct of their fallen comrade.
In Voltes V’s ending, Voltes V along with The Solar Falcon (Big Falcon turns to a space station) brought the war in Planet Boazania’s doorsteps.
Voltes V liberated the Boazanian slaves from the cruel reign of Emperor Zanbasil, destroyed the Boazanian monarchy and crushed its haughty imperialistic ways.
Voltes V even battled with Boazania’s last defender, the “Boazanian God of War” piloted by Prince Heinnel (Prince Zardoz) where the Voltes team members, the Go brothers (Armstrong brothers) learned that their long time enemy is really their half brother!Kennichi (Steve), Daijiro (Big Bert) and Hiyoshi (Little Jon) were reunited with their long lost father and Voltes V returns to Earth as its ever ready defender.

In the toy designs created by Bandai (Godaikin toy line) Combattler V still had many add-ons every time the robot toy disassembles to become the Combattler Machines.Whereas in the Bandai rendition of Voltes V (Godaikin Toy line), only the Volt Bomber 2 part needs an add-on.
Another thing, The Combattler V toy could not lock its components properly because the manufacturers used magnet locking devices. You still have to put a rubber strip to hold the robot toy together.
Unlike The Voltes V toys (Also under Bandai’s Godaikin line) Use sturdy plastic couplers as locking mechanisms. (Even in the toy line, Voltes V proves to be Combattler V’s superior!.)